A New Radio for Porsche Owners

Vintage Porsche owners don’t have to settle for a clunker radio as Porsche itself just released a modern radio that fits its legacy sports cars.

This is the first “official” retrofit radio from Porsche for the US market, said the company.

It includes navigation with turn-by-turn directions and Bluetooth audio for connecting to a smartphone.  Users also get the option of adding SiriusXM satellite radio.

Called the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System, it has a 3. 5-inch touch screen with two classic knobs. You also get two USB ports and an 8GB microSD card.

The price is not cheap at $1,250 (plus installation).

But you get a radio tuner designed to work with the car’s built-in antenna (usually an old telescoping rod, for those of you old enough to remember manual antennae).

The radio works with sports car generations between the first 911 from the 1960s to the last air-cooled 911 (993 series, MY1998), as well as the 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, and 968 models.

It is available from all Porsche dealerships in the US and in Canada.

Photo: Porsche

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