Add a Dashcam to Your Radar Detector

If you happen to own a portable Escort radar detector you may also add a dashcam to it to protect yourself from liability in an accident.

The beauty of the M1 dashcam is that you don’t need an extra power wire dangling from the windshield.  The small dashcam connects directory to an Escort radar detector to draw its power, so you can economize on available windshield space.

From there, the M1 offers the standard must-have features in a dashcam. It uses WiFi to connect to an app on your smartphone to download recorded footage that may then be sent to an insurance company.  The app also lets you set resolution and other settings.

There’s no screen on the M1. Your phone acts as the dashcam screen.

Recording is in 1080p, offering both day and night time viewing.

There’s an emergency record button and a G-Sensor that prompts the M1 to automatically start recording when triggered by a collision.

Escort says it began selling the M1 through general retail in March 2019. One out of every four new ESCORT radar detector buyers are currently purchasing the M1, said the company. Everyday retail price is $199.99.

Here are the radar detectors that are compatible with the M1.

Compatible Detectors with no additional accessory required:
Escort iX, MAX 360, MAX 360c, Passport Max, Passport Max 2, Redline EX, Escort iXc, MAX II Platinum

Detectors requiring optional Escort StickyCup Mounting Bracket:
Escort Passport X80, Solo S4

Not compatible with the following models/accessories:
Escort 9500i, 9500ix, PassportiQ, S75G, SmartCord Live, ZR5 (only with detector connected) and ZW5


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