Best Blind Spot Detectors For Any Car

The first blind spot detectors using new microwave radar technology are now available and they work in any car.

They use more precise sensors than the first round of aftermarket blind spot detectors that hit the market a few years ago.  So there’s far fewer false alerts. And there’s no longer the need to drill into the bumper to mount them.

The new models are the VOXX ACABSD, which started shipping last week, and the Accele BSS300R, on the market since February.  They can be purchased at local car stereo retailers.

An installer will place sensors on either side of the car, behind the rear bumper.  Then an indicator light mounts near the dash and lights up when a car enters your blind spot.  Both systems can also link to turn signals for to “beep” when a car’s in your blind spot.

New Microwave Blind Spot Detector Technology

Older blind spot detection systems used ultrasonic radar sensors that emit a broader beam so they have trouble distinguishing between a light pole on the roadside and an actual approaching car.  The beam on the newer microwave models is about 12 inches wide about 100 feet out from the car for more precise detection.

Pricing for the VOXX and Accele blind spot detectors runs about $799 to $899 plus an installation fee (around $150 to $200 or more depending on your car model).  That’s much less than many car makers charge for blind spot detection. Often the feature is bundled with navigation and leather seats in a $5,000 package.

You can read more on the difference between ultrasonic and microwave based blind spot detector here.

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