Does Your Car Radio Need a Tweak?

JL Audio FiX 82
JL Audio FiX 82

Maybe you want better sound in your car or truck but you’re not ready to dig into the dash to change the radio.

JL Audio is the latest supplier to offer a solution through a digital signal processor or DSP.  It’s a black box you add to your radio that adjusts the sound and lets you add better speakers and amplifiers for true high end audio.

JL Audio’s solution is unique in that it comes in two parts, the TwK and FiX, so you only pay for what you need.

The FiX attaches to your radio, behind the dash.   It strips out any of the DSP (signal manipulation) the car makers slip in to make their low cost speakers sound better. Then it also automatically adjusts the time delay (when the different speakers reach your ears) for crisper audio.  JL claims its FiX is the only device in it’s class to perform this automatic time delay.

“The first thing the unit does is look at the signal coming into its 8 analog inputs and it…finds the signal that is most delayed and adjusts all the others by applying delay so the delay is equal on all 8 channels…” said VP Marketing Manville Smith.

Then with the TwK, you can “tweak” or tune your system to sound right for your particular car, as each car has different cabin acoustics.

Suggested retail prices start at $299 for the FiX and $379 for the TwK.

For more details click here for the FiX and here for the TwK.

Photo: JL Audio, Fix 82


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