Infinity Ships Basslink DC Mini Powered Subwoofer

After 20 years, Infinity replaced its BassLink mini powered subwoofer, its best seller, with a new BassLink DC that is now removable, waterproof and higher powered.

Mini powered subwoofers continue to be a hot segment in the car audio market.  Regularly, they occupy the third or fourth slot for the top 10 best selling subwoofers, said Harman, Infinity’s parent company.

The BassLink DC won a CES Innovation Award for 2017.  It comes with 200 watts of built-in (Class D) power compared to 120 watts in the older version.  It now has a base with lever you can push to detach the subwoofer when you need more trunk space.  It’s also IPX6 water resistent for use in sport utility vehicles or boats.

Its subwoofer has a 10-inch driver with a 10 inch passive radiator.  Harman says it emits very little heat and requires minimal current from the car’s electrical system. The Infinity BassLink DC also includes a precision compressor “to control system behavior at peak power levels,” said the company.

It has a 180-degree phase switch, input sensitivity and variable bass EQ options as well as auto turn on with timeouit to standby after 10 minutes whenever it detects an audio signal.  (The system has a relatively slow time constant to avoid unintentional turn-on.)

The BassLink DC recently began shipping at $399.95 suggested retail price.



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