Now Bentley Owners Can Update Their Radios (Like the Rest of Us)

For those Bentley owners looking to add smartphone connections to their car radio, NAV-TV now offers a radio replacement kit that lets you add a modern radio without breaking the bank (at least not by Bentley standards).

The radios in older model Bentleys are lacking today’s features such as smart phone connectivity, or CarPlay and Android Auto.  Also parts are no longer available for some of the older radios and a used eBay model can cost $2,500 and still leave you without a smartphone connection.

A second problem is that Bentley radios are not simple.  The car’s heating and cooling and defrost systems are built into the electronics so if you want to replace the radio with a popular, up to date model from Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony or JVC, you are in for a lot of custom installation work.

NAV-TV says installation shops have charged more than $11,000 for a Bentley radio replacement.

Bentley radio upgrade kit
Bentley radio upgrade kit

So it built a “dash kit” that includes all the controls for Bentley heating and cooling and defrost and lets you add a modern day radio from any leading brand.

The kit, without a radio will set you back $2,499, but again, in Bentley terms, it’s a bargain.

The Bentley radio kit HUR V1 works in 2004 – 2011 Bentley Continental, GT, GTC and Flying Spur vehicles. It digitally interfaces with the car’s factory amplifier while requiring no special drilling and it gives you a factory finish that blends into the dash.

Steering wheel control is also enabled for Alpine, JVC and Kenwood radios.

A video of the Bentley HUR V1 may be viewed at

The kit is available starting mid-December.


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