The Largest CarPlay Radio is Ready for Jeep


Jeep Wrangler owners can now get the largest Apple CarPlay aftermarket radio and one designed to work as if it came with your truck from the factory.

Alpine Electronics of America just began shipping a CarPlay radio with a 9-inch screen (most are 7 inches) designed for 2011 and later Jeep Wranglers.

If you are not familiar with CarPlay, it’s Apple’s version of iPhone software for the car so you get a familiar radio interface with super large buttons that any Apple user will recognize.  It has easy access to maps, phone, text messaging and music and you can control it by Siri voice.

The new Alpine i109-WRA 9-inch radio has dedicated CarPlay buttons that sit in a special bezel for the radio.   The bezel also creates a factory like fit for radio. And it comes with a smart module (by iDatalink) so you retain special features in the truck such as steeringwheel controls.

With CarPlay and Apple Maps you get some intelligent interaction.  CarPlay can predict where the driver most likely wants to go by using destinations from recent emails, text messages, contacts, and calendar entries.  The same intelligence allows you state commands like “Take me to Joe’s house” and CarPlay will know how to route you automatically.

Alpine’s  i109-WRA radio does not have a CD player.  It gives you an AM/FM tuner, and CarPlay access, so much of what you are paying for is the super integration with the Jeep and the screen with 800 x 400 display resolution.  Suggested price for the radio is  $2,500.


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