Warning About CarPlay in New GM Trucks

If you’re craving a new truck and were hoping to get the latest in smartphone connectivity, you may want to wait a few months before buying a truck from General Motors.

The car maker has pulled Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its two of trucks due to a shortage in the modules that enable the note new features from Apple and Google.

CarPlay and Android Auto are the car stereo versions of Apple and Android smartphone software. They give you a familiar interface with large touch screen buttons  to access music, text messages, maps and calling. You also get Siri or Google Now voice control.

Certain 2016 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 and HD trucks will no longer come with CarPlay and Android Auto until at least July, according to technical service bulletins sent to dealers.

The truck models affected have 8-inch screens and allegedly come without navigation.

The problem is a shortage in what is called the HMI (Human Machine Interface) module for CarPlay and Android Auto. And it puts GM and Chevy dealers in a difficult position as the car maker is heavily advertising  the Apple and Google features.  To compensate,  disappointed customers will be offered a $200 stipend. Personally, we’d rather wait for the features!

2 thoughts on “Warning About CarPlay in New GM Trucks”

  1. Disappointed that you would suggest the customer to wait on GM instead of them taking a look at what a independent car stereo dealer might be able to do for them. Even though the GM radio looks nice it still does not compare to a good aftermarket system. Plus the speakers and amplification in the new GM models are not gonna satisfy anyone who wants quality sound. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available now at your local independent car audio dealer.

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